CB12 Opinions – The Best Bad Breath Mouthwash Review and In-Depth Analysis

Dr. Alberto Fernandez Aiora

If you have ever gone to the supermarket or pharmacy and looked for a mouthwash against bad breath, you've probably been presented with a myriad of different options, all claiming to be amazing and offering different things at different prices. But which do you choose?

First of all, it is important know what halitosis is and what causes bad breath.

cb12 reviews

CB12 best rinse against bad breath – 12 hours

CB12 best rinse against bad breath - 12 hoursSee Product
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The most important thing is that it works. It has a light mint flavor and is alcohol-free.

CB12 Opinions and review with some assumptions, namely that like me you want a mouthwash that will keep your breath fresh for a long time and does so at a reasonable price and without leaving a harsh aftertaste.

You may like a harsher or stronger taste of the rinse, while someone else may like a very mild taste and some of us may be happy to pay more; but the fundamental thing for all is a fresh breath.

Priced at around €8-10 for a 250ml bottle of mouthwash, it's not cheap when compared to many other options on the market. According to the research I have done, 250ml is the most commonly purchased bottle size, even though there is a larger 1000ml option.

Although it is clear that many retailers offer a pack of 250 ml bottles to reduce the price per unit. It is 2-5 times more expensive than most other mouthwash brands, such as Listerine and Colgate, but their results are also much better than the competition.

The recommended dosage is 10ml, which means that on average a 250ml bottle will last 25 uses or just under a month for most people, perhaps less if you use it more frequently. Taking the lower price of €8 per bottle, this makes each use cost around €0.32.

However, the 250 ml bottle is very elegant and stands out among the generally transparent bottles filled with colored liquids. It has a clean, elegant and modern look. It especially appeals to me because I love the colors blue and white.

The bottle looks great in a modern bathroom and doesn't stick out as the obvious mouthwash bottle like many others. Just look at the image below to see how it compares.

Without a doubt is the best option if you want to eliminate bad breath. Although we insist that it is more expensive than most of its competitors, offers excellent results. You just have to try it to check its effectiveness.

CB12 real customer reviews Amazon

cb12 reviews

On Amazon it has a 4.6 out of 5 rating:

cb12 works real reviews
  • The best mouthwash if you want to eliminate bad breath
  • lasts 12 hours
  • Good taste
  • fantastic packaging
  • Easy to dose thanks to the cap design
  • Not cheap compared to other mouthwashes

It takes time and proper information to find a good mouthwash for bad breath.. Yes, they all have their individual pros and cons, but we as individuals have to know which one to choose.

CB12 (view on amazon) is a mouthwash that claims to offer "First Class Breath." And that really is so, you will not find a better mouthwash for bad breath anywhere.

CB12 MouthwashCB12 Mouthwash
€28.08View on Amazon

CB12 mouthwash is marketed as a premium option and almost superior compared to others. The packaging and the price reflect this, so how good is it?

Here's the key information you probably want to know, but for our full CB12 mouthwash review, read on.

For a more detailed comparison of the options and to learn more about this mouthwash, check out our post on the best mouthwashes.

Does CB12 Work? Is it really that good?

Yes. As a mouthwash against bad breath, it does what it's supposed to, eliminates unpleasant breath, for 12 hours of protection.

We have all experienced bad breath.

It may be you, that you have eaten something especially strong like garlic, that you suffer from bad breath (halitosis) or having that awkward conversation where the person you're talking to has nasty breath.

For some the solution is easier to find than for others. In general, a good diet and a good oral care routine can help significantly.

However, there are medical reasons why some suffer more than others, and those with halitosis have probably tried many treatments and products to calm its effects.

best bad breath mouthwash

Outside of your normal brushing routine (usually morning and night), brushing teeth at other times it is not always the most effective solution and it is not always the recommended route.

You can brush your teeth many times but you won't get rid of bad breath (or the bad breath will appear again in a few hours).

CB12 mouthwash is a solution to the problem of bad breath, either induced by food or simply by your genetic makeup.

CB12 is a premium, modern mouthwash that even has its own patent (#1156777). The powerful combination of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate in CB12 neutralizes the formation of substances that cause unpleasant breath for up to 12 hours. Studies can be found that document this here and patent information here.

What makes CB12 unique?

Most people don't know that mint-flavored mouthwashes only mask bad breath for a short time.

CB12 is different. CB12 neutralizes and prevents causes of bad breath for 12 hours, thanks to its unique patented formula.

mouthwash against bad breath

CB12 Price

The price varies depending on the size of the bottle purchased, the quantity and, of course, the distributor you buy it from. We buy ours on Amazon which is usually our recommended store for its competitive prices and fast delivery, but it's worth comparing.

It is available in 250 and 1000ml bottles, but the 250ml is the best seller, followed by the 1000ml option. Recommended retail prices are as follows

  • 250 ml CB12 mouthwash – €12.16
  • CB12 mouthwash of 1000 ml – €22.63.

I have found few that are sold at retail price and there are many offers with typical prices such as: CB12 Mouthwash 250ml - around £8-10, but it has been less than £7 CB12 Mouthwash 1000ml - around of £40, but it has been as little as £23.

better fluoride bad breath

Where to buy CB12?

You can buy CB12 Mint Menthol or Mild Mint Menthol mouthwash at amazon here.

You won't find CB12 on the shelves of every supermarket or drug store.

Be sure to compare prices, as prices and offers vary depending on the time of purchase. If you decide the CB12 is the one for you, you can buy in bulk to save money. Sometimes buying 4 bottles of 250 ml is cheaper than 1 bottle of 1000 ml.

cb 12 opinions against bad breath
CB12 Opinions - The Best Bad Breath Mouthwash Review and in-depth analysis 15

I recommend?

Yes, I would recommend the CB12, with one caveat. For me, the CB12 mouthwash did what I would ask of a mouthwash, it left my breath fresh for a decent amount of time.

The menthol mint was a nice flavor, didn't leave an unpleasant aftertaste, nor did I react to any of the ingredients. Some mouthwashes can be particularly harsh, and again, CB12 was not to blame for this for me. So, the warning. CB12 is expensive, you are paying for branding and marketing to some degree with this product.

I couldn't really confirm that my breath was fresher 12 hours later, but I can say that it stayed fresher for longer than many mouthwashes I've used.

works cb12

So what is it really like?

Testing the CB12 mouthwash

In the interest of being as fair as possible in this review, I used the CB12 mouthwash at 4 different times of the day for about 1 week each.

  • In the morning, shortly after having cleaned my teeth
  • At mealtime, after eating
  • At night, before and after eating
  • At night, shortly after having cleaned my teeth

Each time I used the recommended dose of 10 ml. In general, it is advisable to use the mouthwash for a considerable time after brushing your teeth, since using it immediately after cleaning your teeth can eliminate much of the benefits provided by the toothpaste and the act of cleaning. Therefore, many including the NHS advise using the mouthwash at a different time. I used it at different times to try to find out if there was any difference in performance, either real or psychological.

The test lasted 4 weeks. At the same time, my normal brushing pattern was maintained, cleaning my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with an Oral-B electric toothbrush, the Pro 6000, set to daily clean mode, with a CrossAction brush head.

In an attempt to make a more informed judgment, I obtained, where possible, the opinion of family members whom I trusted to give me their honest opinion about the freshness of my breath before and after use.

Comparative table with other recommended products of the same range

the best by far
CB12 best rinse against bad breath - 12 hours
CB12 best rinse against bad breath – 12 hours
See Product
Read opinions


  • The best mouthwash if you want to eliminate…
  • lasts 12 hours
  • Good taste
  • fantastic packaging
  • Easy to dose thanks to the design of the…


  • Not cheap compared to others...
Listerine Total Care, Mouthwash, Mint Flavor, Pack of 2 x 1000 ml
Listerine Total Care, Mouthwash, Mint Flavor, Pack of 2 x 1000 ml
See Product
Read opinions


  • proven brand
  • Good price


  • Not as effective in removing…
DENTAID HALITA Halitosis mouthwash 500 ml
DENTAID HALITA Halitosis mouthwash 500 ml
See Product
Read opinions


  • natural ingredients
  • pH balance


  • not so affordable

Summary tests mouthwash CB12

  • The test lasted 4 weeks
  • It was used at 4 different times of the day, each of them for a week
  • used 10ml each time
  • Oral-B Pro 6000 used with CrossAction brush head
  • Cleaned twice a day for 2 minutes each time
  • Use the floss once a day
  • No dietary changes
12 hours without bad breath

Daily use

best rinse bad breath

The small format 250 ml bottle allows it to be easily carried in a bag and taken for a drink when necessary. Many might think you have some fancy drink in your hand instead of a boring bottle of mouthwash.

best bad breath mouthwash

The 250ml jar lid is a bit shallower, but wider, than many of the more glass-like lids/caps found on other jars, but since only about 10ml is needed for each use, it is perfectly adequate, but perhaps doesn't offer the same gripping surface and makes pouring a bit more difficult.

For those who may be a bit frail or not as confident when pouring due to movement restrictions or gripping issues, they may find competing products better. With that being said, you could have a glass or cup that you pour the CB12 mouthwash into instead of the lid.

The lid has an inner ring that acts as a measure for how much you have to pour each time, a nifty little inclusion. CB12 is a clear mouthwash. It does not have bright green, blue or pink colors, it could be confused with water.

It gives off a minty minty smell that can be a bit strong at first if you put your nose to it, but you soon get used to it. There's the regular menthol mint flavor, as well as a milder option. Once you reach the point of beginning mouth and breath cleaning, the suggested directions for use are to rinse and gargle in the mouth for 30 seconds to one minute, spit out and do not swallow.

As expected, from the moment I started using the CB12 I noticed a freshness on my breath. I can tolerate some of the stronger mouthwashes, so I found CB12 relatively mediocre on the taste buds.

On the other hand, my fiancee despises strong mouthwashes and even with regular mint menthol, she was pleasantly surprised and gave it the thumbs up. If you find it a bit strong or want to prolong the use of the bottle, you can lower it slightly, but the effects will be limited.

Keep in mind that if you use new products, such as different mouthwashes, if you notice any anomalies or additional sensitivity, you should stop using them and consult your dentist.

Summary of daily use

  • 250 ml bottle offers approximately 25 uses
  • 1 use can cost 32p or more
  • Cool, smooth taste of the mouthwash that was not overpowering
  • 1 dose of 10 ml rinsed and gargled in the mouth for 30 seconds to one minute, then spit out
  • The cap has a measure to control the dose of mouthwash
  • The lid is a bit lacking in size and glass nature which some people with restricted hand movement may like
  • The CB12 mouthwash is light in color
cb12 best halitosis mouthwash

The results

More to the point, how long did the coolness last? It would be great to be able to provide you with something physical such as an image, readings, or data that conclusively demonstrates whether or not the mouthwash worked. The reality is that the results are a personal opinion.

I make the following comments based on the fact that I have tried CB12 for 4 weeks and that I have maintained my usual diet and have obtained the opinion of trusted people. In a typical day that can include the intake of stronger drinks like juices and tea, the freshness of the mouthwash, which I could taste, did not last much longer than the last strong drink I had.

So if I rinsed my mouth at 1 PM and drank tea at 3 PM, the coolness in my mouth was pretty much gone and was washed away by the tea. That being said, other people's comments suggest continued freshness and I'm sure there were some lasting effects, just that crisp freshness you can normally taste had worn off.

Drinking water wasn't too bad and the coolness seemed to last longer and I would say I could still feel the effects up to 6 hours later. The best results for me were overnight. When sleeping, the lack of food intake and moisture clearly allows the mouthwash to retain its effect, and in the morning, although some of that stronger fresh taste was gone, my partner commented that her breath still seemed to smell good. We are talking about 6-10 hours of effectiveness.

The mouthwash worked, did and does what it should. I don't think for the vast majority it will provide "first class breath" for 12 hours.

Conclusion, is the CB12 any good?

In one word yes, CB12 is a very good mouthwash in my opinion. For the most part, CB12 perfectly fulfills the purpose of a mouthwash to fight bad breath.

After use, my breath stayed fresh for a more than acceptable time of up to 10 hours or so. The mint menthol as a pleasant taste, did not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, nor did I react to any of the ingredients. Some mouthwashes can be particularly harsh, and again, the CB12 was not to blame for this for me.

The CB12 is hands down the best packaged mouthwash I have seen or used to date.

It has a classy look, the kind of thing you can leave on your bathroom shelf and not be embarrassed about, even take it with you and have a drink once in a while. The bottle looks more like a high-end drink than mouthwash. If modern, clean lines and elegant design are your thing, CB12 offers the right packaging.

bad breath remedies

However, there are some criticisms. The CB12 is expensive, you are paying for the branding and marketing to some degree with this product.

It is not manufactured by the largest and most well-known brands in the sector, which may be able to lower the price. I believe you can get similar results for less with competing products.

I couldn't really confirm that my breath was fresher 12 hours later, but I can say that it stayed fresher for longer than many mouthwashes I've used. Individual results and opinions vary, so keep that in mind. So to conclude, the 12 hour fresh breath claims may be a bit long for the average user going about their daily activities.

The CB12 is a stylish, high performing mouthwash that is priced a little higher than it is actually worth. I would like to continue to use it regularly, but in my opinion it is too expensive to trade for the limited additional benefits. I find myself using “cheaper” brands frequently.

If I find a good deal, I might hoard a few bottles and keep one in the car or purse to take with me when I need it, since the bottle and packaging are considerably more attractive for it.

Small analysis of other similar products

Listerine Total Care, Mouthwash, Mint Flavor, Pack of 2 x 1000 ml

Listerine Total Care, Mouthwash, Mint Flavor, Pack of 2 x 1000 mlSee Product

These compounds have a strong mint flavor and are often used in foods and beverages. They have also been shown to be effective in reducing the germs that cause plaque and gingivitis. 5

Listerine Ultraclean comes in alcohol-containing and alcohol-free formulations. However, Dr. Aggarwal cautions that the compounds used in Listerine may cause a temporary burning sensation in the mouth, with or without alcohol.

  • proven brand
  • Good price
  • Not as effective in eliminating bad breath as the others

DENTAID HALITA Halitosis mouthwash 500 ml

DENTAID HALITA Halitosis mouthwash 500 mlSee Product

This rinse has all the multi-tasking benefits of Pro-Health's regular formula (plaque removal, gum disease and bad breath prevention) plus the added benefit of teeth whitening . "I'm always asked how I keep my teeth so white," writes one reviewer. "That's all!"

  • natural ingredients
  • pH balance
  • not so affordable

FAQ and frequently asked questions CB12 reviews

Where to buy the CB12?

You won't find CB12 on the shelves of every supermarket or drug store. The easiest and most practical is to buy it on Amazon. In addition, you can choose different formats and offers and read opinions and reviews of the product.

What are the ingredients of CB12?

Water, glycerin, hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate, alcohol, zinc acetate dihydrate, chlorhexidine diacetate, sodium fluoride, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, acesulfame potassium, citric acid, flavoring.

Does CB12 mouthwash have any side effects?

Possible side effects, although not frequent, are irritation of the tissues in the mouth, a burning sensation, stains on the teeth, and altered taste.
The cause is usually the chlorhexidine included in the mouthwash.

Does it contain fluoride?

Yes, the 0.05% is sodium fluoride

Does it contain alcohol?

Yes, the mint menthol contains 1.8% alcohol, while the mild mint contains 1.2%.

What does it taste like?

It has a mild cool mint or mild mint flavor, depending on which flavor option you purchase

How often should I use CB12 to get good results?

There is no minimum or maximum number of times per day to use CB12 mouthwash. The ideal is not to use it more than twice a day. For best effects, use after you've cleaned your teeth to avoid undoing the toothpaste's job.

Does the CB12 really work?

Yes, it works at 100%. Freshens breath for longer than any mouthwash for bad breath, reaching 12 hours of freshness.

How long does it last?

With a 1000 ml bottle you have about 100 times in 10 ml uses.

Can You Avoid "Morning Breath"?

It can help prevent bad morning breath if you rinse with CB12 at night, before you go to bed, and in the morning when you wake up.
MEDA, the company behind CB12, says "morning breath" occurs because the amount of saliva in the mouth - which helps clean food debris and smelly bacteria from the mouth - decreases at night, when Are you asleep.
Your mouth dries out and becomes an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. "Morning breath" is quite normal and happens to everyone, but it can be easily avoided.
Rinsing with CB12 mouthwash at night before going to bed can help prevent 'morning breath'. Studies show that the combination of zinc and chlorhexidine contained in CB12 in a low concentration is a very effective inhibitor of CSVs (volatile sulfur compounds: these compounds are released by bacteria found between the teeth, in the pockets of the gums and in the pits at the back of the tongue, where they break down food particles.

From what age can the CB12 be used for the first time?

The earliest age that is recommended to start using the CB12 is 12 years.

How should the mouthwash against bad breath be used?

The recommended instructions for use are to rinse and gargle in the mouth for 30 seconds to one minute, spit out and do not swallow.

Who makes the CB12?

CB12 is manufactured by Meda Pharmaceuticals, Skyway House, Parsonage Road, Takeley, Bishops Stortford, CM22 6PU, UK.

How can we know that CB12 is an efficient and credible product?

Recommended by dentists and dental hygienists.
Dental hygienists frequently encounter patients who ask them for advice on bad breath. The nod from these professionals is well-earned confirmation of how effective CB12 is. CB12 not only fights the sulfur that causes bad odors in the mouth with a safe, effective and clinically proven action, but also helps you maintain good dental health with fluoride that strengthens your teeth 14, 18. 14, 18.
Its effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed in scientific studies 1-4, 6-10, which is why CB12 is valued and recommended by dentists and dental hygienists.

How does CB12 work?

The exclusive and powerful combination of Zinc acetate and CB12 Chlorhexidine neutralizes the formation of substances that cause bad breath. Its exclusive patented formula adheres to the surface of the mouth, teeth and tongue, guaranteeing 12 hours without bad breath. Scientific studies carried out using instruments specifically designed to detect sulfurous gases, the cause of bad odor, together with clinical trials have shown that CB12 is safe, effective and guarantees a long-lasting effect.

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